About Colleen Miller

Colleen E. Miller embraces change and over the course of her career has effectively helped others adapt to new ways of thinking, be they executives, entrepreneurs, farmers, government representatives, retail staff, front-line workers…and even prisoners.

Colleen is a dynamic, independent training consultant specializing in Human Resource Training and Development. Her unique depth of knowledge in the areas of career planning, recruitment and selection, supervisory/management training, team building, and communication have established her as a leading Canadian keynote speaker, trainer and strategic consultant whose practical, actionable programs engage listeners and deliver lasting results.

Colleen’s creative approach and sense of humour is very much in synch with her natural energy. Client feedback overwhelmingly confirms that her exciting and entertaining presentations are remembered and put to use by those who attend. Colleen's expertise is people; her strength is her ability to help them uncover the true potential of their professional and personal capacities.

With Honours diplomas in Communications, Adult Education and Human Resources Training and Development and over 15 years in senior management, Colleen successfully integrates her education and diverse employment history into her facilitating and training style.

"Her lessons are practical. Her changes are discernable. Her results are remarkable."