Issues You Face

Every organization faces its own unique challenges; with Colleen E. Miller Enterprises Inc., identifying these areas of concern is a step towards finding solutions.

Are there hurdles that hinder the performance of your team? To answer that question, Colleen Miller begins with a detailed needs analysis and charts a course of action to help you overcome the barriers that stand in the way of your success. With Colleen on your side, you’ll look first at the issues you face -- then change the way you look at them with a fully customized program geared to your business.

Colleen E. Miller Enterprises Inc. will work with you to address:

  • Misaligned or undefined mission statements
  • Weak lines of communication and interpersonal relationships
  • Conflicts arising from difficult people and work situations
  • Unmotivated employees, including Generations X & Y
  • A negative work environment
  • Poor time management
  • Gaps in customer service
  • Under-utilization of team strengths
  • “Growing pains”— turn them into “Growing gains”
  • Strategic plans that don’t deliver results