The Five O'Clock Whistle©

Duration: 1 Day

The year 2002 marked for many workplaces the beginning of 4 generations working together.

"Never before has there been a workforce and workplace - so diverse in so many ways. The mix of race, gender, ethnicity, and generation in today's workplace is stunning."
~ Generations At Work, Zemke; Raines; Filipczak

If you know the song AND you know what it means - then you belong to a unique generation! During this fast paced keynote presentation, we will investigate the impact of demographics and social values in our ever-changing workplace by examining:

  • The Players - Their strengths and work ethics
  • The 'Big Picture' - In the workplace
  • Balancing The Mix - Coping, leadership and training strategies to narrow the gap among the generations at work


  • Recognize demographic / generational and social values and how they impact today's workplace.
  • Analyze and compare the different workplace ethics.
  • Identify personal values and managerial / facilitation techniques.
  • Assess and apply coping/leadership strategies to deal with conflict resulting from workplace differences.
  • Identify leadership strategies to assist in building a cohesive inter-generational work team.

Please Note: This material is presented as either a Keynote or a 2-3 hour training session. The full day training session is then further customized to meet additional specific training objectives which may include: Team Building ; Customer Service; Supervisory and Management; Communication; and Conflict Management