Conflict Strategies - Makin' It Work!

Duration: 1 Day

Co-operation, knowledge of coping strategies, open communication and a willingness to 'interact' effectively are the skills required to set a path for productivity and respect in the workplace . Conflict Strategies - Makin' It Work! -is an interactive, full day workshop designed to assist the Supervisory Team to increase and enhance their interpersonal / conflict management skills in their ever-changing workplace.

Who should attend:

  • New Managers, Supervisors; Team Leaders
  • Business owners wishing to enhance and build their Conflict Management skills

You will learn to:

  • Identify and define conflict
  • Identify individual preferred strategies for dealing with conflict
  • Understand strengths and weaknesses in dealing with conflict
  • Review and recognize the importance of effective communication in conflict management
  • Investigate and implement successful feedback techniques
  • Review the 7 Steps to dealing with conflict
  • Review and practice feedback and conflict management strategies