Banishing Butterflies and Naked Audiences: YOU - The Presenter!

Duration: 1 Day

They say that the number one fear that most adults have is the fear of speaking in public - and yet we do it everyday! We communicate and share important information all the time - however, as soon as we are formally asked to give that information as a presentation our stomachs get knotted, our palms get sweaty and our confidence does back flips. And then at that point, we are told to imagine the audience naked!

This session has been designed to provide participants with the opportunity to understand and experience the presentation process in an open and interactive manner. Parts 1,2, and 3 will focus on the personal and the mechanics - the how to's; and Part 4 will be a practical 'hands-on' presentation exercise ~ complete with video cameras, feedback and lots of support .

Participants will be invited to prepare a brief 5-minute presentation prior to the training workshop. All participants will be provided with a "pre-workshop-package" 1 week before the training day. The package will include information and resource materials to assist the participant in preparing their short presentation .

Who should attend:

  • Supervisors, Managers, Sales Reps, Front Line Staff
  • Business owners
  • Anyone who wishes to enhance their personal presentation skills

You will learn to:

  • Observe, analyze and apply the methods involved in designing and presenting effective presentations
  • Develop, organize, prepare and execute effective presentations
  • Analyze personal presentation skills and define methods of enhancing those skills
  • Review and apply communication and presentation strategies to overcome personal anxiety related to making presentations